The web industry moves quick.... it does... it really does.

When we did the original Magnetawan website in 2008... we didn't have much to work with to make it excessively pretty, so we did what we could.
Recently, Magnetawan asked us if there was anything we could do to start making it a little more visually appealing.
So we went to work - the end result: a whole lot of fashion infused into the same ol' function.
As part of our original plan for Magnetawan, we wanted a website that would withstand the test of time... and with the most recent changes to the general look of the pages, using the same structure from over 5 years ago, we've kept the site the same, but at the same time made it new again.
Very proud to have Magnetawan as our client, especially since they've recently renewed their contract with Sound Software for another 3 years.
They even mentioned us in the paper!

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