Lawson Landscapes was looking for a new web design that would optimally display their gorgeous landscaping projects.

We used their photos to our advantage and created a design that featured full screen images on the homepage and a gallery enabled with tagging and dynamic display.

The site is also responsive and can hold large image files without slowing down loading times.

We are proud to present the new Muskoka Rocks website,

Stephanie Delaurier wanted to bring a lot of energy to her website, so we embedded big feature video right on the homepage.

Our thought - what better way to show exactly what Step N Sound Dance Studio is all about.

Golf Pro Netting's new website offers a number of functional features, specifically a responsive design.

It was exciting to bring on a client with such an extensive portfolio of high design builds.

We wanted to bring them to the next level with their website, as it is our new standard, it is build with a responsive design, please browse the several articles where Frank Penfold Building Contractor LTD has been featured in magazines for their quality work.


Brenne Smiles wanted to update their look, and show a more recognizable image of exactly what they do.

Have a look at the wonderful HAND MADE products offered by local manufacturer SiSi Started It

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