Drew Lichtenheldt
2016-05-09, 14:24
This was a big year for us in respect to needing a new fleet of computers; all software and contacts etc. needed transferring over to the new equipment on top of needing many web site upgrades and on line payment forum updates. Adrian and his team did an amazing job and made things so smooth and easy for us. Time truly is money and Sound Software saved us a bundle! The transition to new equipment was seamless and any issues that arose were dealt with quickly with one phone call to Adrian. We would be lost without his expertise and services.
Howard Oldham
2015-12-08, 13:42
We were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and organization of Sound Software. We had been putting off updating our website for far too long. Sound Software pushed us in the right direction and made sure we did things correctly. We are thrilled with the results and how quickly it was done.
Many Thanks
Howard Oldham
Oldham Law Firm
Monika Eberhard
2014-09-29, 04:19
I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you both have done for us in regards to the website! The phone's been ringing off the hook the last 3 weeks - neither Kyle nor myself can believe the amount of calls we've been receiving this year. And I've been making a point of asking people where/how they found us or heard of us, and so far everyone has said it's just been from looking online and finding our website - and really liking what they're seeing.
So…. THANK YOU for all your hard work - we really appreciate it! It's amazing what a difference the new site has made, I'm so shocked!
You guys are amazing!
Dr. Sheela Rupal
2014-09-29, 04:14
I found Adrian to be extremely professional and accessible. He responds promptly to enquiries and is always willing to help. The beauty of my website speaks for itself and I am always reminded of his great work when new clients tell me that my website prompted them to call me."
Mark Denhertog
2014-08-24, 22:38
The service level and value that Sound Software adds to our company is unmeasurable.

They have been very successful in getting our web presence higher than our competitors.

The greatest thing they offer is a professional solution to any of our issues and create a tremendous sense of dependability.

Thanks to all the staff of Sound Software.
Nancy Field
2014-08-01, 20:28
Adrian and I have been working together for years. He has had some really great ideas for our website and I always trust his advice. Over the years there have been many changes and improvements made. Adrian has proven that he provides excellent service. I would recommend Sound Software.
Ian Ferguson
2014-04-15, 22:37
Great job on the web site. Adrian added a web cam to it so our customers can see the lake live. Love it.
Drew & Sherry Lichtenheldt-Point Pleasant Marina
2014-04-15, 17:55
We have known and worked with Adrian for well over a decade and we at Point Pleasant would be absolutely lost without his skill and expertise. In today's busy and hectic world it is so nice knowing that Sound Software is a call away and can look after all of our web, computer, marketing, promotional and I.T needs. You will receive nothing but 110% from Adrian and the Sound Software team..
John Santarossa
2014-04-15, 15:20
We used Sound Software to professionally upgrade the municipality’s website.
Andrea Tranter
2014-04-14, 14:35
By far Sound Software is the most efficient and professional web development company I have dealt with. You posses superior knowledge and skill regarding all matters related to web development, and computer operations in general, and are able to communicate that knowledge in a way that even the most unskilled can understand. All questions and inquiries are answered promptly (speedily actually) and effectively, and I am especially grateful for that. Even though I realize you are very busy and have other customers, I always feel I have your full attention. I know my website is in good hands, and my increased sales are a testament to that. Keep up the great work!!
Kathryn Brenne
2014-04-12, 02:51
Adrian did an amazing job of reorganizing my website. He ended up saving me money and had lots of ideas to make the site user friendly. My clients are pleased with the changes. Adrian is always available and responds to any questions I might have, promptly and professionally. He has a great sense of humour and is a pleasure to deal with.
Tara Billington
2014-04-11, 16:43
It was so easy to work with sound software to design my website, set up my domain name and create a logo. They do it all! I met with Adrian and he took down my "wish list". I was in quick contact with Brady to design my logo and print business cards. Sound software made something I thought was going to be so time consuming...easy. They pulled it all together as they are in constant contact with each other and I valued their input all the way! It was done quickly & professionally. I am in Real Estate and make changes often to my website - the updates are done immediately. So glad I have a business like "Sound Software" to support and help make my business grow!
Muskoka Rocks
2014-03-21, 19:14
Working with Adrian and Ariel was a pleasure. They took the time to hear what our needs were and then made it happen with ease , speed and most of all perfection. We found them to be very professional.
Sincerely with thanks,
Joy from Muskoka Rocks

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